Azure Striker Gunvolt Ver. 1.3 Patch Adds Japanese Voice Mode to 3DS Digital Version

JP Voice Mode screenshot

Well Gunvolters, the time has finally come! A year ago, after releasing the Steam version of Azure  Striker Gunvolt with the Japanese Voice Mode addition, something that many of you asked for, I personally made it a mission to do whatever we could to make sure that our 3DS Gunvolt players got this feature too.

I’m sorry that it’s taken a year for us to deliver on this promise. But, I’m very happy to announce that a Version 1.3 patch that will add Japanese Voice Mode to the Nintendo 3DS version (digital download) of Azure Striker Gunvolt will release on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on Thursday October 20th!

For those of you who are not familiar with Japanese Voice Mode, this was a mode that we created for Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 that adds in content that was regrettably removed from the initial release of the 3DS version of the game. Not only does this patch restore the voices to each and every one of the characters, but the entire game has been re-localized to better match with the addition of these voices. This mode also restores ample amounts of dialogue that was previously removed from the game that takes place as Gunvolt traverses each stage.

This mode gives a much deeper insight into who the characters are and why they are doing what they do, so I hope that you not just enjoy the Japanese Voice Mode addition, but that you develop a newfound appreciation for these fantastic characters.

Keep on Striking,

Matt Papa
Assistant Producer

  • The Golux

    Hooray, at last!

  • Shadow Bloodedge

    Props, Inti…that’s going above and beyond.
    ^^ You didn’t even have to do that, but you still did.
    THIS is how a game dev treats the people they make content for.

    Just five days to go…during the wait, I’ll be busy…not just with GV2 (stellar, by the way), but also with a demo for a title that’ll appear two days beforehand.

  • Daniel Smith

    Thank you! Wish it had come out with the striker pack, but stuff happens. Glad this is actually happening.

  • Thomas Ford

    Daniel Smith it did come out with the striker pack. This is saying they are adding it to the digital version. I’ve been playing with the Japanese voices on since I received my pre-order copy about a week ago.

  • JOo JOseph

    FINALLY!! I waited for this time a year and half since I bought!

  • 송해인

    I wish I could to see the patch in my Korean Version of ASG. Hopefully…

    • JOo JOseph

      요즘 닌코 보면은 글쌔요.. 힘들수도.

  • SupaPhly

    does this also include the european version?

  • Jose Salazar

    Thank you so much!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting this for so long

  • Amy K. Sian

    Why does it restart my 3DS every time I try and play special mission 5?

    • David Elvira (Ryudo)

      Yes! I have the same problem!

    • Picu Gaming

      I’m also having the same problem as well.

    • Israel Padilla

      Same here
      I emailed them to fix it

  • David Elvira (Ryudo)

    Hey Inti! I have a problem with this new patch: The update makes the game restart when I want to play the Special Mission 5. If you see the other comments, there are a girl with the same problem. I play in a 2DS Console with the last update of the system. How can I fix this problem? Thanks!

  • Israel Padilla

    Please fix the gauntlet 5 mission
    It crashes when I play it

  • Daniel Alejandro Espinosa

    I love this patch, also Thanks for fix the boss rush problem