We hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day! <3 Which Inti Creates character would you want to be your valentine? 🙂

fanart de dragon marked for death!!! que é um joguinho muito estranho que saiu esses dias mas que eu amei

Chibi Copen #digital #original #inticreates #神園アキュラ #き雷霆ガンヴォルト #azurestikergunvolt #armedbluegunvolt #copen https://t.co/dxSH9EhYQz

We're going live in 15 minutes! Join us on Twitch/Youtube for our first stream after the release of Dragon Marked for Death, where we'll be taking YOUR questions and challenging some tough quests!

Twitch: https://t.co/aeccfcRgLw
YouTube: https://t.co/eLoQE9pXKG

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