-New Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX Info-

We just updated the official site with new information the Mino children who live in hiding with Kohaku.

Say hello to Kyota, Jin, and Maria!



Thank you to everyone who came out to the Inti Creates booth at Anime Expo this year! You folks made it out best year yet, and trust us when we say that we have BIG plans for AX 2020!

Until then, see you at PAX West!

It's the final day of @AnimeExpo! It's your last chance to play Luminous Avenger iX (and get a LAiX for playing!), pick up some con-exclusive merch, and join us for a raffle at 2pm today! Will you get an autograph from Lola (Mayu Mineda) or Crimm (Suguru Narisawa)? Come find out!


It's Day 3 of @AnimeExpo!
Come on down to Booth 1016 for:
* 4 Luminous Avenger iX demo stations!
* Tons of Inti Creates merch!
* Choose a pin for demoing LAiX
* For each $20 you spend, get a raffle ticket for autographs from LAiX VAs Mayu Mineda (Lola) & Suguru Narisawa (Crimm)!


Announced at our @AnimeExpo 2019 panel, Mighty Gunvolt Burst is the next game in the Inti Creates library coming to Steam on July 31st for $9.99! Take control of Gunvolt, Beck, or Ekoro and escape from the virtual world! All DLC characters will be available or purchase on Day 1!

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