Azure Striker Gunvolt – Fleeting Memories: Part 5

Azure Striker Gunvolt Fleeting Memories

Welcome to Part 5 of Azure Striker Gunvolt: Fleeting Memories! If you missed any of parts 1 through 4, make sure you read those first.

Part 5

“Yeah, these guys are fundamentally different from us normal human beings…they’re all just dangerous monsters! At this rate, eventually mankind will…” Kamizono stated with conviction.

The assistant had no choice but to bear the brunt of Kamizono’s destructive words. There was a myriad of things he wanted to say to Kamizono, those were words best left unsaid.

“The higher-ups…they only look at the here and now. All they care about are the immediate results. They fail to see the inherent danger in all of this!” Kamizono warned.

“…With all due respect Mr. Kamizono,” his assistant rebutted, “if you think the Sepimal wave is so dangerous, then why in the world are we doing research to try and find a way to control it?”

“Well, we’ve made some measure of progress with our Glaives and the like, you see. But, when you look everything that is going on in our world today, the impact that adepts are having on society as we know it is unquestionable. But honestly, all of this stuff that we’re doing is nothing but a stopgap measure. The Sepimal wave is something that is clearly out of reach for us normal humans…” Kamizono had a tough time finishing his thought.

His assistant had heard about enough though. The conversation was starting to get too heated.

“I’m sorry”, Kamizono lamented. “This kind of research really is beyond our capabilities. I should be disqualified as a researcher…it’s a sinking feeling that is hard to ignore. But, ya know…all I can think of right now are the faces of my family…my son, my daughter, at the peak of their cuteness. In our situation, it’s all I can do to keep me grounded.”

The slightly embarrassed, teary-eyed Kamizono the assistant saw before him was just like the man he thought he knew so well. He felt a deep sense of relief, knowing that this side of Kamizono hadn’t somehow disappeared.

“Well then, are you ready for this incredibly depressing job to get started?” Kamizono said with a sorrowful chuckle.





Immediately after they began their experiment, a horrific accident occurred, and the Sumeragi Futures Institute of Technology was completely burned to the ground. There were no survivors. All of the machinery was completely destroyed.

After an investigation, they could only guess that the incident was caused by human experimentation gone bad, and that a test subject’s Septimal powers went out of control.

The truth was that the boy being subject to the experiments possesses a Septimal power known as the “Azure Striker”. The moment the experiments began, he let loose a massive blast of lightning, and the entire facility was eradicated in an instant. All of the staff participating in Takefutsu…there was not a single one of them who was spared from the massive electrical blast.

However, not even a single record of this can be found in Sumeragi’s official records.

After Kamizono’s death, all of the materials he created that explain the extreme dangers of the Septimal wave were falsified and altered by Sumeragi in their sweeping efforts to cover up the S-FIT disaster. His legacy would be forever tarnished by Sumeragi…