Welcome to the Inti Creates English Website

Happy LumenOn behalf of the entire Inti Creates team, I would like to welcome you all to the new official Inti Creates English website! As a company, we have never been more accessible to our fans outside of Japan, and being such, we thought it was only natural to have an English medium where our fans from around the world can connect with Inti Creates like never before. In addition to our social media profiles, from this point forward we will be maintaining a constant open line of communication with our English speaking fans through this website.

Although as a company we have been around for almost two decades, we have only been in the gaming spotlight as a publisher for just a few months, so a lot of these things we are doing to connect with fans from outside of Japan are firsts for us. First native English speaking staff, first English (and Japanese for that matter) social media accounts, first English website; the list goes on and on. This is all a part of the efforts we as a company are taking to be more in touch with our fans than every before as we push forward as a company who now wears the hats of both a developer and a publisher.

We are so incredibly grateful for the support from fans that we have received over the years, and now as a publisher, we sincerely hope you will continue to support us in our endeavors.

This is just the beginning though! As time goes on and our role evolves, we will be continuously working on new ways to improve the Inti Creates brand for our overseas fans. We eagerly look forward to the new connections we will be building with our fans. As we say here in Japanese, ‘yoroshiku onegaishimasu’, which means something to the effect of, ‘it’s a pleasure working with you’. ^_^v