Blaster Master Zero 2 Steam Release Celebrated With Design Doc Reveals

Things have been quiet here on the Inti blog for some time now, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy! In fact, it’s -because- things have been so busy that the blog has unfortunately been quiet, but I think it’s about time to end that streak.

Our most recent game release was the Steam version of Blaster Master Zero 2 , and in the days that lead up to and followed the release we’ve been showcasing never-before-seen design documents and trivia that covers all of the game’s characters (and more)! Rather than make you good folks dig through our Twitter feed for everything, we decided that we’d put them all in one place for your viewing pleasure! We hope you enjoy all the art and commentary from director Nishizawa, designer Suzuki, and illustrator Natsume.

Part 1: Fred the “Frog”


Part 2: The “Metal Attacker” Series


Part 3: Jason Frudnick


Part 4: Eve


Part 5: Gonbei


Part 6: Tae


Part 7: Leibniz


Part 8: Mixed Bag of Trivia


Part 9: Stein and Tesset


Part 10: Kenwood


Part 11: Kanna


Bonus: Extra Eve Slide

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed all of this behind-the-scenes Blaster Master Zero 2 content, and that you try the game for yourselves on Nintendo Switch or Steam and meet this motley cast of characters!