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New Character and Windows 10 Cross-Play Announced for Bloodstained

BRotN new character

Hello Strikers! We know you have been waiting for some more exciting news about Bloodstained, and today we are happy to deliver! Straight from the Gamescom conference in Germany happening this week in a presentation delivered at the Microsoft Press Conference, IGA announced two awesome new features for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night!

First and foremost, players who purchase the Xbox One version of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will be able to enjoy cross-play functionality with Windows 10 right from the get-go!

We also have information on a new character that will be joining the cast of Bloodstained! While we put the finishing touches on his design and come up with a name for him, we can tell you that:

– He is a demon hunter who wields a katana

– Uses Japanese mystic “Ofuda” type spells

– He did battle with the demons that came to Earth ten years before the events of the Bloodstained game take place

We look forward to revealing information about this character in the future! Stay tuned to what’s going on at Gamescom for more potential announcements involving Inti Creates! 😉

Keep On Striking,