Shantae and Shovel Knight Character DLC Coming to Blaster Master Zero


The Blaster Master Zero family just got bigger in version 1.3! At Anime Expo 2017, we revealed that indie game legends Shantae and Shovel Knight are coming to Blaster Master Zero as fully playable DLC characters. Let’s have a look at what’s in store with these epic new additions to the subterranean adventure!

Free Download Timeframes

EX Character: Shantae – 7/6/2017~7/19/2017
EX Character: Shovel Knight – 8/3/2017~8/16/2017

*After their free download period has ended, characters will become paid DLC.

EX Character – Shantae


The 1/2 hero star of the ‘Shantae’ series joins the underground adventure as a playable character! Fascinate the mutant hordes with the power of magic and fancy dances!

Release Date: July 6, 2017
Price: $1.99 (following her free download promotion)





EX Character – Shovel Knight


The master of the Shovel Blade joins the underground adventure as a playable character! Steel thy shovel and dig your way through the depths of the planet!

Release Date: August 3, 2017
Price: $1.99 (following his free download promotion)





We are so incredibly excited to have these superstars of the indie game world in Blaster Master Zero, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy them! Stay tuned for more Blaster Master Zero info in the coming weeks and months because, rest assured, we are by no means done with this game! Check out Shantae and Shovel Knight in action in the trailer below and on the official website!

  • Rafael Bueno

    I love how every EX Character has an Unique set of moves resembling their games regardless on how different it looks

    • DeSpawn

      Its really is a beautiful thing being done with this game. The support from the other franchises and unique game play style. This seems to be a good model for good DLC choices. The free download then pay in later.

  • Connor The Dreamer

    If you guys get Quote from Cave Story in this game next, I’ll love this game forever.

    • Nicky Ian Kunesh

      if they add anything past 4 DLC chars, I’ll be amazed.

      RN I got the first 2 chars before owning the game, and I’ll be getting 2 more after owning the game. This just adds more value to my $10 purchase, just 1 more and I’ll have paid for the game via saving $ on all the DLC.

  • Mando44646

    so how do we download? Shantae isn’t listed as DLC on the eshop as far as I can see

    • Rage Vanover

      You have to go to extra characters in game


    What about for the next batch including Beck and Ray from Mighty No. 9?
    I know that more than one character per-franchise wouldn’t be allowed, but they’re two completety different characters gameplay-wise.

    • chuckobscure .

      Nobody likes that game.