Mighty Gunvolt DLC Now Available; Azure Striker Gunvolt 30% Off on Nintendo eShop

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Good news everyone!┬áThe DLC for MIGHTY GUNVOLT is now available on the Nintendo eShop! Have a look at the official MIGHTY GUNVOLT website to get a taste of what’s in store for you. Make sure you update your MIGHTY GUNVOLT game from the eShop so that you have access to the new DLC.

And finally, for the last nugget of goodness from Gunvolt Festa, Azure Striker Gunvolt is now on sale on the Nintendo eShop for 30% off! If you missed out on the action before, or want to share the Gunvolt love with friends and loved ones, now is the time to do it. The sale will last until Monday Decemeber 15th.

Thank you all for your continuous support! Happy zapping!

  • Rockman

    Finally, will buy the DLC in a minute, lol

  • http://hatintime.com/ ShadowFang

    Ugh, I hate the eShop sometimes. What a weird, un-intuitive process!

    First off, shame on NOA for not putting this on the front page. Whatever, I go to the Mighty Gunvolt page, and see the tab for updating the game on the bottom, but before doing that I look for the DLC link. If you scroll down the description page, there’s the “List of Downloadable Content” button all the way at the bottom (above “Repair” and under the ratings). It takes you to a page that specifically says, “Please note that downloadable content cannot be acquired in the Nintendo eShop”. A little baffled, I update and quit out of the eShop to start up Mighty Gunvolt. Sure enough, post-update, the option for DLC is now on the main page under the “Game Start” option – awesome! Clicked on it immediately – Let’s do this! It asks if I want to… go to the Nintendo eShop to proceed and download the content. Ugh. But then it just sort of half-opens it (on the bottom screen only) to charge me, but stays in Mighty Gunvolt? It charges me and then… nothing. You just have to back out to the main page, pick a game, and on the level select there’s now just a warp gate that takes you to a second, identical map screen but with the different level thumbnails. That was weird.

    Come on Nintendo – jeez louise. This is the first 3DS game (maybe Nintendo game, period) where I’ve purchased DLC for it; my frame of reference is on the PC and Playstation 3, and this process is super, super awful compared to the PSN or Steam.

    Once I actually got to play it though? It’s FANTASTIC! I was hoping the levels would have more challenging, engaging designs and you guys nailed it! The enemies seem tougher, the traps are more clever. The new art and music is great too! I also only just now noticed the detail you put in for when Ekoro’s blast hits enemies or walls, and explodes into a little heart? That’s so cool! The whole package now just feels so much better – awesome job, guys! I just wish that the whole thing was not hidden like it is. But I blame Nintendo and their terrible online infrastructure for those issues :)