Mighty Gunvolt Burst & Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack for Switch Announced at BitSummit

Ever since we were named official development partners for the Nintendo Switch, we’ve been going all-in on making games for the system, and at Bitsummit in Kyoto, we had the pleasure of announcing two brand new titles for the Nintendo Switch:

Mighty Gunvolt Burst – Coming to Nintendo Switch and 3DS on June 15, 2017 for $9.99
Mighty Gunvolt Burst Official Website

Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack – Coming to Nintendo Switch on August 31, 2017 for a price TBD.
Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack Official Website

Let’s a have a look at each of these titles, starting with Mighty Gunvolt Burst.


Mighty Gunvolt Burst is a sequel to Mighty Gunvolt, the bite size 2D action game that we released back in 2014 alongside Azure Striker Gunvolt. This time around, threads of fate are bound together in a strange new virtual world!


The game systems have been completely revamped and powered up with lots of new additions, including a deep character customization system that lets you mold and shape your character into the ultimate hero that works best for you!

The classic pixel style graphics have also been completely redone to blur the line between 8-bit and 16-bit and take you back to the golden age of 2D action games!

Gunvolt from Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 and Beck from Mighty No. 9 make their return as playable characters! Find out what happens when their home worlds intertwine in the realm of virtual reality!

Mighty Gunvolt Burst - Key Art (small)

How Mighty Gunvolt Burst Came to Be

We really enjoyed creating the original Mighty Gunvolt back in 2014, and with our duties with the Mighty No. 9 project being long over at this point, we began to miss working with these characters that we love, and wanted to share Beck and his mighty siblings with the world once again. Comcept gave us the OK to use the rights to these characters however we see fit (and free of charge too), and from there, we set out to bring them back to the stage in the best way we know how: 100% pure Inti Creates 2D side-scrolling action with excellent pixel art!

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the key features of Mighty Gunvolt Burst!

Burst Combo

Finish off an enemy up close to trigger a “Burst”! Enemies explode in a more glorious way, and you earn extra points toward your high score! Chain together a bunch of Bursts to start a Burst Combo and take your score to new heights! Bosses can also be defeated with a Burst, so try to end the battle with a Burst!


Customization System

Collect a bunch of different modules to add new items to your customization loadout! If you wanna increase your abilities, you’re gonna need Cost Points (CP). As long as your loadout value doesn’t exceed your available CP, you can create any setup and change it any time. A wide variety of shot customization options await from piercing bullets, homing shots, and a lot more! You can also test your changes on the Customization screen as you go so you can discover the perfect shot for you!


Pixel Stickers

Pixel Stickers are icons that feature 8-bit versions of numerous characters (and more)that are scattered throughout the game. These stickers can be obtained by discovering them as you traverse stages, by obtaining rare drops by defeating enemies, and many other ways too.

Pixel Stickers (all together)


HD Rumble Feature on Nintendo Switch

There are many areas in the game that at first glance look like normal walls/terrain, but when you shoot them, they can be destroyed. On the Nintendo Switch version, by using Cost Points on an ability called Dowsing, the HD Rumble feature will kick in when you draw close to a suspicious area. The Dowsing ability goes a really long way when it comes to hunting down hidden items, so make sure you get your hands on the Dowsing module.


Character Intro – Beck

Beck is a robot created by Dr. White who has the ability to think and feel. His ability to absorb Xel from robots and learn their abilities has been disabled during his virtual reality training session, so he no longer has access to those abilities while stuck in this virtual world. His only weapon is a new armament entrusted to him by Dr. White.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst - BeckArt

Character Intro – Gunvolt

Gunvolt is an Adept, a person who possesses supernatural septimal powers, who can control lightning. The soul of a girl named Joule, AKA “The Muse”, resides within him. Ever since he was brought to this strange new virtual world, his septimal powers have been severely weakened, although his gun and his Astrasphere skill seem to be in order. When Gunvolt is in grave danger, Joule will appear to bestow her protective powers on him.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst - Gunvolt Art

Speaking of Gunvolt, let’s have a look at the other game that we announced at Bitsummit: Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack for Nintendo Switch!

Azure Striker GUNVOLT Striker Pack - Logo (no BG)

The Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack contains both Azure Striker Gunvolt and Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, two of our flagship games that originally made their home on the Nintendo 3DS. With the release of the Switch version of the Striker Pack, there are a host of new features, improvements, and bonus content that make it the truly complete version of the Azure Striker Gunvolt experience.  Let’s take a look at what’s in store!

Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack - Key Art (small)

Gameplay Upgraded from 30 FPS to 60 FPS

Since the 3DS game was created with emphasis on the visual aspects of the game, it was only able to run at 30 FPS on that system, but thanks to more powerful new hardware, 60 FPS Gunvolt is here for the first time. The biggest difference between the former 30 FPS and the new 60 FPS can be felt while playing as Copen, the super-quick, high-flying playable character from Gunvolt 2.


Entire DLC catalog from the 3DS version comes pre-loaded

All of the 3DS version DLC, which includes extra stages and bosses, bonus modes, and new songs, comes pre-loaded with the game.


HD Rumble Support

When Gunvolt uses his powerful electrical attacks, the Nintendo Switch’s HD Rumble kicks in to bring you even closer to the action.


Screen layout has been completely redone

The screen layout has been redone from a two-screen layout on the 3DS to an intuitive one-screen layout for the Switch.


Brand new song for the Nintendo Switch Version

A brand new theme song by the virtual idol Lumen (VA: Megu Sakuragawa) debuts on the Nintendo Switch!


High resolution event graphics and in-game text

On the Nintendo Switch, in-game text is much easier to read and the characters look better than ever in high resolution.


Adjustments to the game balance and general gameplay improvements

The Kudos system from Gunvolt 1 has been changed to the system from Gunvolt 2, adjustments have been made to some stages to balance out the difficulty, and other minor gameplay improvements have been added.


Numerous language settings

Compatible languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese.


Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Compatibility

Gameplay feels especially satisfying on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

For more information, please visit the Mighty Gunvolt Burst official website and the Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack official website, and of course, have a look at the trailers below!

  • Rockman

    Awesome news, any change to get Gunvolt on physical in Europe?.

    • http://www.inticreates.com/ Matt @ Inti Creates

      We’re trying to make a physical release happen in NA/EU, but nothing concrete at this time.

      • Rockman

        Thanks for the reply.


    Is good to see that Beck gets a second chance.

    • Dave

      Maybe not…some people may chose to veer away from this one just out of sheer spite…hell, I’m having mixed feelings out of the whole thing.

      • Kiwi

        I hope they give the game a shot before completely dismissing it.

        • Dave

          There will be many cautious. “once bitten, twice shy” as they say.

    • http://www.inticreates.com/ Matt @ Inti Creates

      We love these characters, and we wanted to work with them in a game that is 100% Inti Creates, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

  • D-Omen

    I need to ask this, do the Western languages include all text in GV1? The patch for the 3DS version of that never came out in Europe.

    • http://www.inticreates.com/ Matt @ Inti Creates

      Yes they do.

      • MiKenyan

        Speaking of that patch, is it ever going to come out in Europe? If it was still being worked on, that’d be one thing, but you simply refuse to tell us one way or the other. Given that it was promised, this is very disheartening, to say the least.

      • D-Omen

        Thank you, it’s been a long time coming, but I’m happy I’ll be able to play the first game the way it was meant to be played and then move on to Gunvolt 2. Definitely getting the Striker Pack.

  • Iftekhar Ahmed

    “Comcept gave us the OK to use the rights to these characters however we see fit”. So does that mean you now own the Mighty No 9 intellectual property?

    • http://www.inticreates.com/ Matt @ Inti Creates

      Nope, we are just allowed to use them for this game.

      • Iftekhar Ahmed

        Thanks for clarifying you guys! :)

        • Darkholme

          guess whos back? son of a bitch.

  • Cael

    Gunvolt 2 for Steam when?

    • http://www.inticreates.com/ Matt @ Inti Creates

      Nothing to share on this, and unfortunately until if/when we do, you can rest assured there is nothing to share.

      • Nagato

        When you do have something to share, do consider using Yacht Club Games as your publisher for a potential physical PC version of the Striker Pack.

        I’d love to add something using this keyart to my collection:


        • SA-X

          Definitely need the first game in 60FPS on PC as well, then.

      • Chaos_Knight

        If you do bring Gunvolt 2 to PC/Steam, please do update the first game with these upgrades as well.

  • eilegz

    and after so many years no ps4 version…

  • Adam Daniels

    Their video makes it sound like satire.

    • http://www.inticreates.com/ Matt @ Inti Creates

      It’s not satire.

  • Gonalex

    important question about the game , will the japanese version include english text??? i wanna buy the limited edition to support the game on release :)
    also i love what you’re doing with the series , i might pick up a switch sooner than expected :D keep it up!!!

  • frrc12

    If I import the Japanese physical version will I be able to change the language to English, or is that version “stuck” with Japanese?

  • Marf

    are either of these games seeing a physical release in any region?

    • frrc12

      The Switch pack with the two games, will have a physical release in Japan, and they are trying to release it in EU/NA but they said that there is nothing concrete atm. I pre-ordered mine from Amazon Japan tho

      • Marf


  • azoreseuropa

    Gunvolt 2 no physical ? Dont want a digital download at all.

  • cam24t

    Hey guys. Any chance of DLC or expansions for Mighty Gunvolt Burst? Like additional stages or characters or anything? Thanks :)

  • Giro Takamishi

    Will you guys at least bring those improvements of ASG1 to the 3DS as well? Or 3DS users just got screwed? (again)

  • ivands2211

    Will the Steam version of GV1 recieve any of this improvements? I mean, it’s a great game but the obligatory 3DS layout in the menus and not having the smooth 60 FPS doesn’t sound that good once compared (that didn’t stop me from playing several hours tho xD)

  • Edward Kuziel

    This is belated, but will some of these tweaks come back to the 3ds striker pack (obv. not the switch focused ones, but I mean things like the Kudo system tweak for GV1 mainly)

  • James Williams

    Would importing the japanese edition let it play in english over here ala i am setsuna?

  • Daniel Zamarripa

    I purchased blade master zero from GameStop and I liked which what made a greater I got Shante as a DLC for free. Still waiting for Shovel Knight. Too bad I didn’t get Gunvolt and Ekoro as a free dlc because I didn’t have the switch. BTW I won the switch from the frito lay contest. I play the mighty Gunvolt for the first one one some one 3ds and it great. ( I do not have yet mighty Gunvolt for the switch yet but I have a the dlc)Keep up the good work.

  • Ziggy

    When is Azure Striker Pack releasing in Europe for 3DS? Also why are European gamers still on just 1.2. version for the first game on 3DS? Why the updates 1.3. and 1.4. have not been released in 3DS eShop for Europe?

    I will not buy anymore of Inti Creates products because of the way ASG1 was handled in Europe. You could at least finally state that the update is coming or not? It seems incredible to me that even the Switch version is coming faster than the 3DS updates?

    Sad European owner of ASG1 and ASG2 here reporting, seems the developers just don’t care.

  • Maximillian Waldkirch

    Is there going to be English voice acting or just English text?