Introducing Three New Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Characters From Eden’s “The Seven”

Greeting Strikers! Coming off the big announcements we had recently about the Azure Striker Gunvolt anime, Shovel Knight  appearing in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, and the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack getting a Western release courtesy of Yacht Club Games, there’s a lot of awesome Gunvolt goodness going around right now! Well, let’s add even more awesomeness to the pile, with three brand new character introductions for three of Eden’s “The Seven.” Meet Tenjian, Desna, and Milas!


Tenjian, “The Frozen Blade”  (VA: Hiroshi Watanabe)
“The weak yield to the strong–as you will yield to my blade!”

Tenjian has the ability to freeze solid anything in his path with his “Permafrost” septima. He wields a total of seven ice-covered bladed weapons made up of swords, sickles, and chakrams in combat. His ingenuity is easily one of his strongest traits. and one of the qualities that allowed him to become the leader of The Seven.

His bladed arsenal isn’t just sharp, though. The blades on his weapons are frozen at temperatures that plummet below even absolute zero, to the point where simply coming into contact with them will cause the person’s molecular structure to lose its pliability, causing them to shatter where they stand.


Desna, “The Starstruck Beauty”  (VA: Jenya)
“The starlight whispers many secrets to me.”

She’s an adept who possesses the “Splitting Ends” septima which allows her to control a seemingly limitless supply of phantasmagorical hair. A rather enigmatic girl, she loves astrology and joined up with Eden under the pretense of being an oracle of the stars. She has incredibly high level accuracy with her fortune telling, so much so that many members of Eden revere her like an idol, oftentimes going so far so to refer to her as a goddess. She does not look at herself in this manner at all, though.


Milas, “The Aquadynamic Merman” (VA: Takaki Ohtomari)
“I, Milas, fight for nothing less than the ocean itself.”

He is an adept with the “Ichor” septima that enables him to manipulate all kinds of liquid matter. He’s a pretty eccentric guy who loves the sea more than anything else in this world who joined up with Eden as a means to continue his life’s work of preserving the world’s oceans. His veracious and lively nature has gained him many comrades who adore him, however, when it comes to those who stand in his way, he shows no mercy whatsoever.

With his Ichor septima, he is able to manipulate essentially any kind of liquid, however, for some reason, perhaps due the nature of his personality, he is pretty bad at manipulating any liquids that are not fresh water or ocean water.