Gunvolt Steam Ver. Final Monthly Update: Easy Mode & Hard Mode


It’s hard to believe that it has been six months since the game’s release on Steam, but alas, here we are with the Azure Striker Gunvolt Steam version final monthly update. We’ve cooked up two brand new play modes for the game that are sure to give everyone who plays the game a fresh new experience, whether you are a seasoned Gunvolt pro or someone who has yet to be able to traverse Sumeragi’s treacherous stages. Let’s have a closer look at the new Easy Mode and Hard Mode!









Let’s have a look at the settings and features for Easy Mode:

* The attack power of your Flashfield has been greatly increased
* Prevasion will still activate even while using the Flashfield
* Prevasion will still activate even if the Prevasion Chain is not equipped
* EP consumption has been greatly reduced
* EP recovery speed has been increased
* Being revived by Lumen’s Anthem is now possible even when you fall in a pit
* You will not lose your accumulated Kudos when you take damage
* SP recovery speed has been increased
* You will not die even when submerged in water
※ Any save data created while playing in Easy Mode will be marked with “Easy” in that save slot

STEAM版ガンヴォルト_ハードモード4 STEAM版ガンヴォルト_ハードモード2

Now let’s have a look at Hard Mode:

* Gunvolt’s HP has been greatly reduced
* Lava, spikes, and other such highly dangerous traps are now one-hit kills
* You will not level up
* You will not start the game with QUILL Signet item
* It takes more time to recover from overheating
* You will immediately overheat every time you use Prevasion
* You are unable to use Special Skills
* There is a 0% chance that Lumen will sing her Anthem for you
* Your lightning attacks now deal more damage
* You will receive more Kudos from all of your lightning attacks
* More bonus Kudos are yielded when you earn Double, Triple, or Air Attack bonus Kudos
* The background music will begin to change as you accumulate more Kudos
* Gunvolt debuts a badass new black costume
※ Any save data created while playing in Hard Mode will be marked with “Hard” in that save slot