Gunvolt Steam Ver. 4th Monthly Update: Amped Up for a New Challenge


Happy Holidays Strikers! We hope that you had a festive time with the Christmas Mode that we added in the last update, and that you are enjoying the 50% sale going on right now in the Steam Holiday Sale. But now that Christmas is essentially over, Christmas Mode will go into hibernation, and an electrifying new Speed Run mode will make its debut. Introducing Speed Run Mode: Perma-Anthem!

Perma-Anthem Mode

That’s right! In this new Speedrun Mode, Lumen has your back right from the beginning, and Anthem is just as powerful as you remember! Unlimited EP, unlimited air dashes and air jumps…why, you’re a electricity shootin’ powerhouse! This amazing power-up stays with you throughout the entire run, so you can use these incredible powers to their fullest!

Now, you’re probably saying “Dude, there has to be a catch…”

You’re right. There is!

Perma-Anthem Mode 2

Hey wait a sec, those spikes weren’t there before! That’s because in Perma-Anthem mode, in order to tip the scales of power back in their direction a bit, Sumeragi lined the floors and ceilings of their treacherous stages with razor-sharp spikes! Unfortunately for Gunvolt, these spikes have more of an “old-school” feel to them, and even in his high powered, Anthem rockin’ state, these babies are a 1-hit kill! All other settings for this mode are the same as in the Standard Speedrun Mode.

Perma-Anthem Mode 03 Perma-Anthem Mode 04


This is our toughest challenge yet! We can’t wait to see your high scores! Have a look at the video below to get an even better look at what your gonna be up against!