Mighty Gunvolt

Mighty Gunvolt

Release Date: August 29th, 2014

Genre: 2D Action Platformer

Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

Publisher: Inti Creates

Rating: E (Everyone)

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Introducing MIGHTY GUNVOLT, a labor of love from Inti Creates created with the intention of honoring the 2D action/platforming games of the 8-bit generation. Featuring fluid and simple controls, colorful and vibrant 8-bit style graphics, and awesome gameplay, MIGHTY GUNVOLT’s retro aesthetic brings a fresh experience with the pixelated charm we know and adore.

Play as one of three different characters from the Inti Creates universe: Gunvolt, the star of Azure Striker Gunvolt, Ekoro, the lovely angel from Inti’s Gal Gun series, and Beck, the hero of Mighty No. 9! Each character has their own unique abilities and attacks, and can traverse each stage in their own way!


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