Mega Man ZX

Mega Man ZX

Release Date: September 12th, 2006

Genre: 2D Action Platformer

Platforms: Nintendo DS

Publisher: Capcom

Rating: E (Everyone)

A new series of adventures in the Mega Man franchise, Mega Man ZX features two playable characters — a male name Van and a female named Eile — who can expand their Hunter armor from normal to X mode and Z mode by collecting “Live Metal” as well as call upon special powers.

It’s been years since the wars between humans and Reploids. They now coexist peacefully, with humans using new Biometal technology to give them Reploid-like powers and Reploids giving up their immortality. When a mysterious group attacks three couriers delivering Model X and Model Z Biometals, they respond by fusing themselves with the Biometals, creating Model ZX! With powerful abilities at their disposal, they must discover who their enemies are and what they are after.

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