Gal*Gun Double Peace Coming to Europe 7/15, North America 7/19


At long last, Gal*Gun Double Peace has a finalized release date that we can share with you all! As the title says, Gal*Gun Double Peace will be available in Europe on 7/15, and in North America on 7/19!

As for where you can order the game and if pre-order bonuses or limited edition is available, it will vary by region/country. We encourage European fans to check with their local retailers in their country. For North America, the standard version of the game can be ordered through Amazon or Video Games Plus! Video Games Plus also has a pre-order bonus available with limited DLC and an art book! The DLC includes the following costume sets: Cunning Kunoichi, Wedding Dress, Sexy Ribbons, Sakurazaki Squad 777, and Ripped Uniform

book + DLC pre-order

Read the full press release from our publisher pQube below:

PQUBE, Bristol UK June 15th, 2016 – If a Standard Edition just doesn’t do it for you, Inti Creates and PQube has just the thing! Feast your eyes on the Gal*Gun Double Peace Limited Edition, available on July 15th in Europe and July 19th 2016 in North America for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita!

The most deliciously feel-good shooter of the year from Inti Creates and PQube features Houdai, a young man who after being shot by a Cupid angel must survive an onslaught of smitten Academy girls hell-bent on declaring their love for him at any cost!

Only by wielding a Pheromone Gun, which can deliver a dose of knee-trembling euphoria at the pull of a trigger, can he keep the girls at bay – and find a safe path to his one true love!

The Gal*Gun Double Peace Limited Edition includes:

• Gal*Gun Double Peace
• A premium quality artbook
• Gorgeous High Quality Presentation box
• A set of 5 DLC costumes: Cunning Kunoichi, Wedding Dress, Sexy Ribbons, Sakurazaki Squad 777, and Ripped Uniform
Additionally, if you choose to go with a Standard Edition, but (wisely) Pre-Order Gal*Gun Double Peace, you can also qualify for one of the following trouser-burstingly awesome Pre-Order Bonuses!

• A premium quality art book
• A set of 5 DLC costumes: Cunning Kunoichi, Wedding Dress, Sexy Ribbons, Sakurazaki Squad 777 and Ripped Uniform

Check with your local retailer to find out which one they are offering!
Gal*Gun Double Peace will send your blood rushing to your…cheeks! – on July 15th in EU and July 19th in US on 2016 PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita!





  • Alex Olinkiewicz

    I’ve Pre-Order GALGUN off of Amazon, because you guys and your game is not afraid of what the game is and your not gonna try and change and censored that and I’m fully gonna support that. Fuck, companies, like Nintendo for censoring games like Tokyo Mirage Session #FF.

    I hope this game sales well and you be localizing more games like this completely uncensored. Send a message to other companies that there is an audience outside of Japan that want these kind of games, and we want them to be uncensored and if idiots want to bring controversy, we’ll stand and back you guys up.