The Legendary Gal*Gun Series Makes Its Return on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch with “Gal*Gun 2″!

Gal Gun 2 - Logo (WHITE BG)

Inti Creates is proud to announce the newest entry in the “Gal*Gun” series, “Gal*Gun 2″!

The “Gal*Gun” games are unique shooting games where you control a protagonist who has become popular beyond control. He must fend off approaching girls with his Pheromone Shot in order to find love with his destined partner before it’s too late.

Since the first “Gal*Gun” was released in 2011, there have been two other entries to the series. The second title, “Gal*Gun Double Peace,” was the first released outside of Japan. “Gal*Gun VR,” released in August this year, brought the series to a new dimension. “Gal*Gun” games have sold over 200,000 copies worldwide, bringing laughs, shenanigans, and pantsu to fans around the world!


Now, with the fourth “Gal*Gun” title, Inti Creates decided it’s finally time to make the leap to “Gal*Gun 2″! With the same silly and irreverent style, but new characters and mechanics, “Gal*Gun 2″ represents a big step forward for the series. Big enough for a number, even!

“Gal*Gun 2″ will be available this winter on the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch platforms! More details about the game will be revealed as time goes on, so stay tuned!

Lastly, we’ve got some great news for the diehard fans out there! This week is the Tokyo Game Show, and Inti Creates will be there in force with a playable demo of the Playstation 4 version of “Gal*Gun 2″! Trust us when we say it will be an “experience”! We’ve also got special events and even swag to hand out at the booth, so if you’ll be there, definitely come by!

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for Gal*Gun 2 so far!

◆What is Gal*Gun and why do you shoot pheromones??

The “Gal*Gun” series revolves around an “unlucky” young man who accidentally becomes supernaturally popular with girls. His mission: find his one true love! However, the girls at at academy all want their chance too, and will do whatever they can to express their love! He must use his new weapon, the Pheromone Shot, to fend off their advances by giving them euphoria!



◆ A brand new story with new cutie pies to meet!

The story of Gal*Gun 2 kicks off with the demon-hunting angel Risu, and she’s in a really tough spot. Making things even more complicated for our protagonist are two new heroines: the “girl next door” Chiru, who happens to be a total shut-in, and your childhood friend and classmate Nanako



◆ Helping out loads of girls is the key to a happy school life!

In Gal*Gun 2, you’ll take on requests from girls at school who are, unbeknownst to them, the target of a demon’s mischief! But these requests take time, and efficently managing your schedule is important if you want to keep your days on track. By earning demon-busting points you’ll unlock new missions and story scenes with the heroines. What kind of out-of-control school life you lead is entirely up to you!


◆ Suck up pesky demons with your trust new “Demon Sweeper” sidearm!

Debuting in “Gal*Gun VR,” the demon-vacuuming gadget, “Demon Sweeper,” is back! Separate demons from the girls they’re possessing with a well-placed pheromone shot, then suck them up for bonus points! In Gal*Gun 2, you might even find some new things to suck up…


◆Doki Doki Mode is back, baby!

One of the most (in)famous features of the “Gal*Gun” series, “Doki Doki Mode,” will be back in Gal*Gun 2! Further juicy details will be revealed at a later date, so keep your eyes and ears open!


  • LuigiEdgeworth

    Good :)

  • Nogib

    Can’t wait! :D


    Gal*Gun “2”?

    Why is this the “second” Gal*Gun game if it’s the third/fourth one? And why was called the actual second one “Double” Peace then?

    • Original Maincharacter

      That’s exactly what I said to myself.

    • Nighteater

      Speaking of which, we need to get a port of the original game on PS4, Switch, and PC!


    My body is ready for the #NintendoSwitch version!

  • Original Maincharacter

    Mmmm, President Yurina~.
    Also, really hoping they up the poly count on things like the girls’ legs and such before final release. That was my only problem with 2P, and it’d really suck if it persisted.

  • Ferny

    Don’t forget about PC!!!, Steam is a great place to have more Gal Gun Games!

  • puchinri

    I’m actually kinda interested in this. I’ll follow the news a bit, and will probably pick up the Switch version.

    • Roto Prime

      Nintendoeverything <3 lol

  • Michael Richardson

    Got the original on PS4, but I’ll absolutely be jumping on the Switch version for Gal Gun 2!

    • kiidswayze

      The Original is from the XBOX 360, this is like the 3rd or 4th entry.

      • Michael Richardson

        Well, sure. I meant the first one to come overseas.

        • kiidswayze

          I see, i take it you havent tried the Steam Version? You would need an oculus Rift, so if you have one, give it a shot, its pretty entertaining.

          • Michael Richardson

            I don’t own VR equipment, but I bet this series is a blast with motion controls and a headset.

            More excited for fully portable Gal Gun on Switch hardware (and hope they implement optional gyro spinning!), though.

  • Chaltab

    …Why is it called ‘Gal Gun’ when it has nothing to do with guns?

    • AliasAlterego

      Why is it called “Gal” if it’s clearly a game for men?

  • The Pfhor

    @Inticreates, are you guys planning on including furigana when the game eventually comes out in Japanese? Please do this. Not enough games do.

  • AliasAlterego

    Will there ever be a Guy*Gun game? Or are you simply too japanese to develop it?

    • Dat one anime nerd

      Sex appeal of the female variety sells more. Its a fact of life.

      • AliasAlterego


        So now we know why these games are made. Not for artistic freedom, not for fun. But because it sells.

        I’m glad to find someone who agrees. : >

  • RetroGamer

    I prefer collecting cartridges over discs, but also like earning trophies. Hmmm…Maybe I’ll get both versions!

  • Tekeyah Hall

    Yay! Doki doki <3 <3 <3