Dragon: Marked For Death Coming to Nintendo Switch This Winter

Dragon MFD - Key Art (Including the Logo)

They bear the curse of the Dragonkin in this Dark Fantasy style Action RPG

We at Inti Creates are proud to introduce that our newest game/brand new IP “Dragon: Marked for Death”, is coming to Nintendo Switch this winter!!

Announced during the Nindie Showcase prior to PAX West 2017, Dragon: Marked for Death is an immersive dark fantasy style action RPG that can be enjoyed solo, or together with up to 3 other people in local or online multiplayer!

If you enjoyed our work on the Mega Man Zero series and Mega Man ZX series back in the day, you will be very pleased to see that many of the prominent staff members from the Mega Man Zero series are back to work together on this project!


Director: Ryota Ito
Megaman Zero series (Director), Megaman ZX series (Director), Megaman 9 (Director), Megaman 10 (Director)

Character Designer: Toru Nakayama
Megaman Zero 1-3 (Character Designer, Illustrator), Megaman ZX (Character Designer)

Chief Character Graphics Designer: Horikatsu Maeda
Megaman Zero 1-3 (Character Graphics), Megaman Zero 4 (Character Designer, Illustrator), Megaman ZX series (Character Graphics), Azure Striker Gunvolt series (Character Graphics), Blaster Master Zero (Character Graphics)

Scenario Writer (Planning), World Planner: Makoto Yabe
Megaman Zero 3-4 (Scenario Writer), Megaman ZX series (Scenario Writer, Character Designer, Illustrator)

Sound Producer: Ippo Yamada
Megaman Zero series (Sound Director, Sound Producer), Megaman ZX series (Sound Director, Sound Producer), Megaman 9 (Sound Director, Sound Producer), Megaman 10 (Sound Director, Sound Producer), Azure Striker Gunvolt series (Sound Director, Sound Producer), Blaster Master Zero (Sound Director, Sound Producer)

Main Programmer: Akihiro Shishido
Megaman Zero series (Programmer), Megaman ZX series (Main Programmer)

Lead Programmer: Shinichi Sema
Megaman Zero series (Programmer), Megaman 9 (Main Programmer)

Producer: Takuya Aizu
Megaman Zero series (Main Programmer, Producer), Megaman ZX series (Producer), Megaman 9 (Producer), Megaman 10 (Producer), Azure Striker Gunvolt series (Producer), Blaster Master Zero (Producer)

We will have a lot more information about Dragon: Marked for Death in the near future, but until then, enjoy your first peek into the game with the screenshots below!

Dragon MFD - Screen Shot (1)

Dragon MFD - Screen Shot (2)

Dragon MFD - Screen Shot (3)

Dragon MFD - Screen Shot (4)

Dragon MFD - Screen Shot (5)

Dragon MFD - Screen Shot (6)

  • http://mmv-wii.proboards.com/index.cgi Hero of Legend

    Can you by any chance comment on this from 6 years ago?


    Also, the fact sheet claims it’s coming to 3DS also (but possibly without online multiplayer, if I read it correctly), is this true or not?

    Best of luck guys! Waited 6 years for this! :D

  • Max

    This looks incredible.
    Please make it a physical release!

    • M Corona

      please make it a physical release! x2

  • Jettythesunfish

    This looks great, but I’m very confused. Sites reporting on this are saying this will also come out for the 3DS (which I’m really hoping for), but you guys are announcing it for the Switch. Could you clarify this?

    • 深遠なる闇

      It was originally announced as a 3DS title way, way back in 2011. It is now a Switch exclusive, so no 3DS version.

      • Jettythesunfish

        Ah, I see. Darn. It would have made a nice 3DS title too.

  • Aleck Erickson

    This reminds me of Guardian Heroes (except without moving lanes), Code of Princess (same reason as GH), Princess Crown and Odin Sphere. Looks fuckin’ awesome but when the hell will there be more information on it? Seriously, when will new details be announced?? I’ll bet this will come out on December 21, 2017.