Current Status of Gunvolt 2 in North America & Europe


Greetings, Strikers!

With the big announcement revealed yesterday in regards to Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 in Japan, I thought now would be as good a time as any to bring our wonderful fans outside of Japan up to speed on what’s going on with GV2.

For those of you who didn’t see the announcement we made on the Japanese side, we announced a physical version of the game that includes both Azure Striker Gunvolt and Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 in one cart. A release date for both the physical version (referred to here in Japan as the Striker Pack) and the download only version of GV2 is confirmed for August 25th in Japan.

Striker Pack image

Now, as for North America and Europe, we do not have any official announcements regarding a physical version of the game or a decided release date at this time. However, rest assured that as soon as we do have an announcement, we’ll make it right away.

Make no mistake though, our goal is to make the physical version of GV1 and GV2 available to our fans outside of Japan as well. I know that some of you may be saying “Hey Inti, you guys are doing this that and the other thing in Japan, why not just do it in NA and EU too??”.

The reason behind that is a big, but simple one. We are a Japanese company, and not an exceptionally large one either. We do not have offices outside of Japan, and thus, we cannot publish physical package games on our own. That’s just the way it is. So, unless we find a partner to help us make this happen, we simply cannot make a physical version come to be.

So with that in mind, we are working on securing a partner to help bring these badass physical bundles of Gunvolt goodness to fans around the globe!

To get an idea of what we are hoping to bring you, have a look at the Azure Striker Gunvolt physical package version Japanese trailer!

For the latest news on Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook!

  • Destiny13777

    You guys are awesome for doing this! I don’t mind double dipping for Gunvolt 1 hopefully thing work out!

  • Rockman

    You guys already have direct line with PQube in Europe, I hope they are interested in Gunvolt.

  • Kamaye J. Davis

    If you guys won’t be able to get a physical release of both games on one cartridge, can you at least try to aim for Gunvolt 2 as a physical copy if they allow you to? Either way would be much appreciated!

    • Icy Wind

      Releasing just Gunvolt 2 physically doesn’t present less of a challenge then releasing both games on one cart. The difficulty lies in the actual production of the carts and the combine size of both games would be too low to increase production costs by requiring a larger cart.

  • Lieutenant Relativity

    I know that this stuff is not necessarily in your control, but can we please have the updated Steam version of Gunvolt 1 in the physical version? I want all of those cool play modes that the Steam version has that my 3DS version does not.

    Please have the physical copies released globally. I know it isn’t really in your control, and I’ll get the game either way, but I just prefer having physical copies for my games. You guys are amazing and I wish you the best for both your current and future endeavors.

  • Gustavo Moura

    im here to say
    brazil need that game
    as soon as possible
    i will try to make some people know this game
    sorry for my bad english

  • Shadow Bloodedge

    I hope 3DS themes will be made for this. Two would do here, featuring GV and Joule on one and Copen and Lola on the other, with their respective themes playing!
    That would be boss~

  • Simon

    Hello IntiCreates,

    Thank you for your efforts. I enjoyed the first Gunvolt immensely and look forward to playing the sequel in whatever form possible. Though it would be a dream come true if a retail version of the first two games could make it over to Europe.

    Best of luck to you!