Azure Striker Gunvolt ‘Hanami’ Wallpaper



Spring is in full swing, and if there is one thing that people here in Japan love to do during springtime, it’s ‘hanami’ (cherry blossom viewing). As you may know, cherry blossoms, known as ‘sakura’ in Japanese, are quite the big deal here, and due to the fact that these beautiful blossoms only stay in bloom for about two weeks out of the year, getting to see them in full bloom is a rare, short-lived treat. That’s where ‘hanami’ comes in! Friends and family gather together at parks and shrines to sit under the sakura to eat, drink, hang out, be merry, and enjoy the blossoms together. With that said, enjoy this new Gunvolt wallpaper with characters doing exactly that, featuring the winners of our online voting contest where you voted you wanted to be front-and-center! Enjoy our winners Joule and Nova in the spotlight as QUILL and Sumeragi come together to enjoy some sakura!

Download the new wallpaper from the official Gunvolt website!