Azure Striker Gunvolt – Fleeting Memories: Part 2

Azure Striker Gunvolt Fleeting Memories

[Welcome to the second installment of the official Azure Striker Gunvolt side story, Fleeting Memories! We hope you enjoy it! If you missed the first installment, make sure you read that one before this one.]

Part 2

Prologue: “It Only Happened Once”

Two men in white lab coats are walking down a corridor, the freshly polished opalescent linoleum floor sparkling beneath their feet. One of the men is in his early thirties with a chiseled face, pale skin, and a full head of platinum blonde, near-white hair. His appearance leads most people to believe that he is from a foreign country, but he was actually born right here in this nation to a mixed race couple; a “half”, as people like him are sometimes called.

His name is Kamizono. He works for the Sumeragi Futures Institute of Technology where he heads a team of researchers.

The man next to him however, definitely has the appearance of someone born in this small Asian island nation. An average sized guy in his mid to late twenties, he has no real distinguishing features, and nothing about him was particularly off-putting; some would even go as far to say that perhaps he’s a little suave looking. He’s a pretty sociable guy though, and works at the Institute alongside Kamizono as his assistant.

According to the facility’s official website, The Sumeragi Futures Institute of Technology, also known as S-FIT, was created with one major purpose in mind: to research new age types of energy and revolutionize energy as we know it. While their purpose sounds inculpable enough, the truth behind what goes on within the confines of S-FIT paints a much more sinister picture. Inhumane testing on human beings is performed on a regular basis here, and when questioned about the contents of their research, Sumeragi insists that no wrong doings are being committed and that any such allegations are nothing but lies.

The reason that S-FIT is performing experiments on humans is for a grim, but simple reason: the new energy they are researching manifests itself within living beings. This energy is none other then the energy that manifests inside the bodies of adepts.

The emergence of adepts has caused chaos, panic, and confusion all around the world; however, coinciding with all of this is an era that has brought about many tremendous breakthroughs in the field of technology.

The possibility of creating inexhaustible energy from a source that in of itself transcends the laws of nature; that’s what the Septimal wave can provide. Until research on the Sepitmal wave began, such an idea what be considered nothing more than a flight of fancy. But now, reality as we know it is changing.

Even though mass production of energy from the Septimal wave was not yet possible, their ability to harvest this energy was more than enough to allow Sumeragi to obtain vast amounts of political power. It could be said that Sumeragi was single-handedly responsible for ushering in this new era of technology. The shining star, the one who was at the forefront of this research and is now referred to as a living legend in the field, is none other then Kamizono himself.

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