Azure Striker Gunvolt – Fleeting Memories: Part 18

Azure Striker Gunvolt Fleeting Memories

Welcome to Part 18 of Azure Striker Gunvolt: Fleeting Memories! If you missed any of parts 1 through 17, make sure you read those first.

Part 18

The last class of the day had just ended, and now it was time for after school activities.

Rei dashed out of his classroom and headed down to classroom 3A.

“My apologies. M’lady, it looks like you have somewhere to be.” A girl from Himeshiro’s class seemed to be talking to her.

But, according to Himeshiro’s classmate, she was already on her way out of the classroom. It seems like in her class, they are calling her “m’lady”. Rei approached the doorway leading into the classroom.

“It’s no use trying to call her ya know, she’s not the kind of girl who would break school rules by walking and talking on her cell phone. She just left so I she’s still in the business…but, what is your business with her? If it can wait til tomorrow, I can relay what you need to her. ” Himeshiro’s classmates were acting as her de facto secretaries.

“Nah, that’s not going to work.” Rei didn’t quite know what to make of the situation.

“Really? If that’s the case, that’s so like m’lady. Messing with this adorable little junior like that.”

“…Ok, well, I’m out.” Rei couldn’t hear what was said to him after that as he had already made his way from Class 3A. “Now what am I gonna do…”

He could give it to her another day, but figured since she was still in the school, he might as well go look for her. Although he still wasn’t sure of just how famous a girl she was at school, it would only make sense that there would be an abundance of eyewitness reports in regards to her whereabouts. At this point, just as much as he wanted to thank her, he wanted to just get this over with as fast as possible.

Rei was trying to think of some places where she might be. He really had no idea, when suddenly he remembered something she said yesterday.

“I guess it’s pretty sad that I’ve grown accustomed to all this fighting. It really sucks carrying all this around with me.”

…Rei had just been wandering aimlessly around the school, but when he stopped to think about it, he released that if Himeshiro is always getting into fights, she’d surely have some cuts and bruises that would need to be treated. With that thought in mind, he set his sights on the nurse’s office.

The nurse’s office was pretty far away from where her classroom was, so it would have taken her a few minutes to get there. Rei was almost there when he heard someone call out to him.

“Hey, Rei!”, someone called out from behind. He turned around and there she was; Himeshiro herself was heading his way.


“Looks like I was able to track you down, huh?”

“Yeah, did you hear that I was looking for you?”

“Ummm, uhh…I heard about what you were doing from one of my classmates after the fact.”

“After the fact…?”

It sounded like it was almost she was listening to the conversation he had in the classroom, but it didn’t really make much sense to Rei.

“Umm…well, anyway, you had something you wanted to talk to me about? This isn’t a good place to talk. Let’s go somewhere a bit more quiet.”

“It’s OK, I just wanted to thank you for the other day…”

He was about to reach into his bag to pull out his little parcel, but he was interrupted by Himeshiro.

She had tightly grabbed his wrist. Her grip wasn’t all that strong, and it certainly did not resemble the hand used to take down a rampaging killer in one shot just a day ago. Perhaps that was more reflective of just how good a fighter she is, being that her physical strength was not much different from a normal girl her age.


“Now now, shall we go somewhere a little more quiet? Yeah, I know JUST the place. Come on.”