Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 DLC Coming March 9th


Surprise, Strikers!

At long last, the update that brings DLC functionality to both Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 (and Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack version of GV2 as well) goes live on March 9th in both North America and Europe! There’s loads of new goodies available like a new song, new game mode, extra missions, and more!

Gunvolt 2 DLC List

●New Song – Stratosphere – $0.99 / €0.99

Includes a synth recipe for an item that plays the song Stratosphere by Joule and Lola when 1000+ Kudos are obtained. Additionally, the amount of credits and experience points you earn are increased by 150%!

DLC Stratosphere

●GV1 Song Set #1 – #4 – Each $0.99 / €0.99

・GV1 Song Set #1 : The song Beyond the Blue and Rouge Shimmer by Lumen
・GV1 Song Set #2 : The song Azure Door and Pain of the Past by Lumen
・GV1 Song Set #3 : The song Sakura Efflorescence and A Zip to the Moon by Lumen
・GV1 Song Set #4 : The song Nebulous Clock and Scorching Journey by Lumen

Includes synth recipes for items that play the songs when 1000+ Kudos are obtained. Additionally, the amount of credits and experience points you earn are increased by 150%!

DLC Neb Clock Scor Jour

●Additional Mission Packs – Each $1.99 / €1.89

・Missions – Merak & Carrera
・Missions – Jota & Elise
・Missions – Viper & Stratos

【For Experienced Players】
Two special missions are added to Score Attack Mode that pit you against boss characters from Azure Striker Gunvolt 1!

*Merak & Carrera

DLC Merak Carrera

* Jota & Elise

DLC Jota Elise

* Viper & Stratos

DLC Viper Stratos

・Missions – Ultimate Challenge

【For Azure Striker Gunvolt Super-Pros】
Two extremely difficult missions are added to Score Attack Mode. There may be something good in store for you if you clear them… This is recommended for players who want to experience what Gunvolt and Copen are REALLY made of!

DLC Ultimate Challenge

●Extra Mode – Speedrun Mode – $1.99 / €1.89

【For Intermediate Players】
Challenge yourself to complete the game as fast as you can in this new mode! No Prevasion, synthing or saving allowed!

DLC Speedrun

And there you have it! March 9th is shaping up to be quite a day with Gunvolt 2 DLC and Blaster Master Zero going live at the same time!

  • Travis Rm

    the Ultimate Challenge are gonna be free?

  • Netto Hikari

    Parche para Idioma Español plz !! …

  • night shroud96

    Hopefully Wal Mart has gift cards that I could use to buy them DLCs..!!

    • Phantom Andaryu

      For whatever reason my local Walmart has failed to stock Nintendo eshop cards..

  • SonicFire2

    And here I am wishing for Zero to be a DLC character since Inti perfected him in the Zero series

  • c0rvus

    I would like to know if you have both ASG2 and the Striker Pack if you have to buy the DLC once or twice. Would be nice if it worked on both versions but I am optimistic about that happening.

  • Jens Barkowski

    I like ASG2 and i’ve bought all DLC.
    But i’ve one problem with the Mission-DLCs – they are only for Score Attack! Really? Why not as a DLC-Mission in Story Mode? I’m not a Hardcore-Speedrunner who knows everything by heart. This frustrates me really … and the 50 Items limit. Why not 75 or 99???