Azure Blur Speedrun Contest Final Race Participants


Over the past two weeks, three qualifying races for Azure Blur have taken place. With the final race upon us this evening at 6PM Pacific Time, and with the grand prize (an awesome trip to JAPAN!) at stake, we wanted to take a moment to give a shoutout to the 20 speedrunners who will be competing in the Azure Blur Championship Race! These 20 racers are a combination of the winners of the Qualifying Races, and amazing Gunvolt speedrunners hand picked by the wonderful folks at SpeedRunsLive and Games Done Quick to participate in the race! Be sure to cheer on your favorite racers on Twitter and Twitch!

Flameberger / @Flameberger17 /
Chlorate / @chlorate_ /
Ikkisoad / @Ikkisoad /
Greenalink / @Greenalink /
Ajarmar / @Ajarmar_ /
QTTSix / @QTTSix /
Usedpizza / @usedpizza /
Coolkid / (No Twitter account) /
LuizMiguel / @luizmiguelx /
Trogdor / @TrogdorSRL /
Domalix / @Domalix /
Hollowichi / (No Twitter account) /

Gengesa / @naminodarie /
Blast / @Blast_kun /
Orekue / @Orekue /
Tubamin / @Tubam1n /
Zecks / @Zekobah /
Zinfogel / @Zinfogel /
VarKhalin / @VarKhalin /

Best of luck to all of our racers! See one of you in Japan! 😀