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Dragon Marked for Death: Steam Version, New Wallpaper & Character DLC for Blaster Master Zero 2

Today was a big day for Dragon Marked for Death! On our latest livestream, we dropped a few big DMFD announcements that we want to share with you today! For those of you that aren’t familiar with Dragon Marked for Death, it is a 2D side-scrolling action RPG game where up to 4 players can play together in online multiplayer. The characters, known as the Dragonkblood Clan, have forged a pact with the Astral Dragon, which granted them special new powers.

We are happy to announce that Dragon Marked for Death is coming to Steam! Originally released on Nintendo Switch, the Steam version comes pre-loaded with everything that is currently available on the Switch version: All playable characters (Empress, Warrior, Shinobi, Witch, Oracle, Bandit) and the additional quest DLC season pass. It also comes out of the gate updated to version 3.0.0, the massive free update that will also be available on Nintendo Switch the same day! Also akin to the Switch version, purchase the game within the first two weeks (until May 4th) to get the earlier-adopter bonus Striker Gear equipment items!

Here’s all the details for the Steam version!
Title: Dragon Marked For Death
Platform: Steam (PC)
Genre: Action RPG
Players (offline): 1 Player
Players (online): 2-4 Players
Release Date: April 21, 2020
Price: $39.99 USD / €39.99 / £35.99
Steam Store Page:

120,000 DL Commemorative Wallpaper

If you’ve been around Inti Creates long enough, then you know that we love making wallpapers to celebrate special occasions and holidays, and today is no exception! To celebrate Dragon Marked For Death passing 120,000 units sold, DMFD series illustrator Toru Nakayama put together this absolutely delightful image featuring the Witch atop the “Horse” (you know, the one that hangs out in town! He’s a good boy)!

Download yours here!

Empress Character DLC for Blaster Master Zero 2

That’s right y’all! The worlds of Dragon Marked for Death and Blaster Master Zero 2 have come together, and the Empress is coming to BMZ2 as a brand new DLC playable character on April 21st!!

Destroy the mutant threat with your fiery arsenal of Dragon Skills as you traverse the galaxy abroad your Dragonblood Tank, the D-ATTACKER!

The Blaster Master Zero team has once again managed to take a character from another game and seamlessly transport them into the world of BMZ! If you’ve played as the Empress in her native game for even just 5 minutes, you will clearly be able to see how much attention to detail was put into this DLC.

April 21, 2020 is shaping up to be quite a day for Dragon Marked for Death! Hope you’re ready! 🙂

We’re Bringing Back “INTI CREATES Live” Streams

It’s been about 3.5 years since Producer Matt Papa and the voice of Elise from Gunvolt 1, Ayano, did their comprehensive bilingual “INTI CREATES Live” streams, where they would bring you all of the latest Inti Creates news, special announcements, and more in both English and Japanese!

We decided it was about high time bring back the show so that we can deliver not only the latest information, but special announcements, and more as we try find new ways to communicate with you while we are stuck indoors during this crazy time in the world.

Even though this is technically episode #11, this time around, we’ve rebuilt the show from the ground up! We’re still delivering the content you expect from this show, but with a new group of MCs: Diana Garnet (singer of the DMFD theme song, English voice of Joule in the Gunvolt OVA anime) and Kenta Tanaka (Bandit in DMFD)!

We also have a special video message from Dragon Marked for Death producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto (HAKAMA) and more that you absolutely won’t wanna miss!

Start Time: Tuesday April 7th @ 8am Eastern / 2pm CEST / 9pm Japan

Watch it Live on YouTube right here:

The stream is also simulcast on Twitch and NicoNico Douga if you would rather watch it there!

Dragon Marked for Death Ver. 3.0.0 – New Characters & Japanese Voice Cast

The tale of the Dragonblood Clan continues when the Ver. 3.0.0 update for our action RPG title “Dragon Marked for Death” goes live on April 21st, 2020! This update to shaping up to be the game’s biggest one yet, and we have a lot of new content ready to drop with Ver. 3.0.0!

We have the new playable characters, the Oracle and the Bandit, in addition to other major new features like brand new weapon categories, powering up weapons as a whole, increased level caps, and host of other new features! The Oracle and the Bandit will be added to the game for free as part of the Ver. 3.0.0 update*,  giving even seasoned players who have been playing the game for the past year a wealth of new content to enjoy!

*Note:  The Oracle will unlock as a playable character once certain conditions within the main storyline of the game are met. The Bandit will unlock once certain conditions within the DLC Scenario “The Dragonblood Bandit” are met. 

As you may know, in Dragon Marked for Death, you can customize the main color, name, and voice when creating your characters. In the Ver. 3.0.0 update, just like the Empress, Warrior, Shinobi, and Witch before them, the Oracle and the Bandit have four possible Japanese voices to pick from. Let’s meet the Japanese voice cast and learn a little about each new character!

The Oracle

The Dragonblood Oracle, reincarnated once every 100 years.
She bears the Dragon Scar on her back.
The Oracle is able to communicate with the Astral Dragon Atruum and channel his power through the Dragon Wings that have manifested on her back.
Through this, she can reproduce the Astral Dragon’s own willpower and magical abilities. She has strong control over this power, allowing her to manipulate giant weapons through sheer force of will and copy them with magic.
She is also capable of using a magic focus to cast beneficial spells on herself and nearby allies, as well as attack spells of the element that corresponds to her dragon contract.

Slash Form: The Oracle commands her equipped greatswords to slash at a distance in front of her. It has high attack power, but leaves her wide open.
Quick: This spell increases movement speed temporarily, varying with magic incantations.

Yui Ogura | Miyu Tomita | Saori Hayami | Yui Horie


The Bandit

He is a young man of the Dragonblood Clan who bears the Dragon Scar on his hand.
His fist contains the power of the Astral Dragon Atruum that varies depending on his chosen dragon contract. It is capable of stealing the lifeforce of any living thing.
The Dragon Fist can steal this energy and crystallize it, forming magic items known as relics.
These relics are capable of manifesting various phenomena.
He specialize in luck, and earns the favor of his comrades by working as a Treasure Hunter.

Dragon Claw: His arm swells and thrusts forward, grabbing an enemy to extract relics.
Thunder Relic: The Bandit uses the power of a thunder relic, attacking with a quick dash forward. He is invincible while dashing, so he can use this to attack as well as to avoid damage.

Yuki Kaji | Daisuke Kishio | Kenta Tanaka | Daiki Yamashita

Dragon Marked for Death is available now on the Nintendo Switch eShop with a retail release available at stores like Amazon! We hope you have an amazing time with all the new content when the update drops on April 21st!

PAX East 2020 Lineup

PAX East is just a week away now, and we’re gearing up and getting ready to make our yearly trek from Tokyo to Boston!

For the first time in Inti Craetes history, we have an island booth at PAX East, making it the biggest booth we’ve had at the show to date. Suffice to say, we can’t wait to make the most of that space and fill it to the brim with demos of our latest games and freshest merchandise. To get an idea of what our booth is going to look like, here’s the setup we had at PAX South last month!

While you can’t see them all in the picture, we have a total of 8 demo stations that are filled with the latest games from your pals here at Inti. To follow up on another awesome happening from PAX South, our good friend and legendary creator Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil is joining us once again to hang out at the booth throughout the weekend, so make sure you come by and say hi to such a super swell guy!

PAX East 2020 Game Lineup

We have two stations dedicated to our latest title, Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX, the ultra-high-speed 2D action title that we released in September 2019 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam! This comes loaded with all of the latest content, so go ahead and challenge a normal stage or put your skills to the test against an insanely tough battle against Blade!

If there’s one thing I can say without question about the Dragon Marked for Death team, it’s that they are DEDICATED! Released in January 2019, our 2D action RPG for the Nintendo Switch is still going strong and getting new updates from the team. They’ve been going full-tilt for months working on a massive free update that includes, among a boatload of other additions and features, two brand new playable characters: the Bandit and the Oracle! Try these characters out on one of the four station we have on the PAX East show floor before the update goes live this Spring!

At long last, our flagship Azure Striker Gunvolt series coming to the PlayStation 4 with the release of Azure Striker Gunvolt: STRIKER PACK on April 23rd! The game has received numerous improvements and updates since its days as a handheld-system exclusive, and it runs like a dream on the PS4 with crisper graphics, higher framerate, and a lot more! Hop on one of the two stations and get a sneak peak of GV on PS4!

Fresh, Exclusive Inti Creates Gear

The game demos don’t tell the whole story at the Inti Creates booth! Our merchandise designers are hard at work coming up with new merch all the time, and we’re bringing our biggest lineup of gear and goods ever! Get your hands on physical releases of our games, a wide variety of Inti Creates apparel, and loads of cute display items like key-chains, rubber straps, and a lot more! Take a look at the menu below for a sneak preview of what we’re bringing to the show!

See you at the show!

Blaster Master Zero 2 Steam Release Celebrated With Design Doc Reveals

Things have been quiet here on the Inti blog for some time now, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy! In fact, it’s -because- things have been so busy that the blog has unfortunately been quiet, but I think it’s about time to end that streak.

Our most recent game release was the Steam version of Blaster Master Zero 2 , and in the days that lead up to and followed the release we’ve been showcasing never-before-seen design documents and trivia that covers all of the game’s characters (and more)! Rather than make you good folks dig through our Twitter feed for everything, we decided that we’d put them all in one place for your viewing pleasure! We hope you enjoy all the art and commentary from director Nishizawa, designer Suzuki, and illustrator Natsume.

Continue reading

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX Coming to Switch/PS4/Steam on September 26th, 2019

At our panel this weekend at BitSummit 7, we at long last revealed more information about our upcoming title Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX for the first time since we announced the project at last year’s BitSummit!

First things first,  Luminous Avenger iX is coming September 26, 2019 and is getting a simultaneous release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 (a series first!), and Steam for $14.99!

Luminous Avenger iX takes place in the same universe as our flagship Azure Striker Gunvolt series (Nintendo Switch/3DS). Since its inception, the Gunvolt series has become known amongst fans for its high-speed, Stylish 2D action. This game will see series rival/anti-hero Copen take the lead and push the series’ speed and intensity to the next level, all the while keeping the game accessible to series veterans and new fans alike.

Check out the trailer and all the fine details about the game on the official website!

Blaster Master Zero Makes Its Steam debut!

During our panel at Momocon 2019, we revealed for the first time that Blaster Master Zero is coming to Steam on June 14, 2019 in North America, Japan, and Europe!

After acquiring the license to the legendary NES classic Blaster Master from Sunsoft, we set out to create a new game that both pays homage to the original and takes the gameplay to the next level with numerous new and improved gameplay features added.

The graphics for the game use the original Blaster Master at a starting point to create pixel art that both appeals to a modern audience and harkens back to the glory days of the NES.
With new bosses to fight, new areas to explore, and a host of new features and upgrades, Blaster Master Zero is a fresh new blasting experience for newcomers and series veterans alike!

All DLC characters released on the Nintendo Switch and 3DS versions of the game will be available for the Steam version. Blast your way through mutant hordes as Gunvolt (Azure Striker Gunvolt, Ekoro (Gal*Gun Double Peace), Shantae (Shantae series) and Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight series).

Blaster Master Zero starts the story over again from “zero”!

One day, a young man named Jason Frudnick, known for being a genius in the field of robotic engineering, discovered a strange creature that he had never seen before. No records of this mysterious creature could be found, so Jason gave it the name “Fred” and took it to his lab to begin closely observing it.

Shortly after that, an accident occurred in the lab and Fred managed to escape. Fred jumped into a hole that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Jason followed, and before he knew it, he found himself in a cave where the battle vehicle “SOPHIA III” awaited him.

With his curiosity in this incredibly high tech vehicle piqued, Jason hopped abroad SOPHIA III and began his adventure in the vast subterranean world in search of Fred.

Mutant scum never learn! Blaster Master is back!

For lots more information about the game, check out the trailer below and the official website!


Product Details
Title: Blaster Master Zero
Hardware: Steam
Genre: Action Adventure
Rating: E for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence), PEGI 7
Release Date: June 14, 2019
Players:1-2 Players,
Price: $9.99, €9.99, £8.99, ¥980
Developer: Inti Creates

Dragon Marked for Death Ver. 2.0 Update & Dragonblood Bandit Storyline

While we were away at PAX East 2019, a massive update went live for Dragon Marked for Death (Ver. 2.0.0), so let’s gather up all the details here!

First things first, for those of you who purchased the additional quest DLC (or those of you who purchased the physical version of the game), the brand new story line “The Dragonblood Bandit” is ready to be played! This story line begins from a quest given by Lacel in the Medius city slums. It includes a series of 11 quests revolving around the lone bandit Rivalis. Journey to new locations and revisit familiar ones on brand new quests, with levels starting at level 20 to level 50. High level variants of the quests will give you the chance to earn new powerful weapons and accessories from levels 55-60. Unravel the mysteries surrounding the life of the Dragonblood Bandit!

Additionally in Version 2.0.0, the level cap has been increased, a new dragon contract for each character has been added, the Black Market is now open for business, an extra save slot has been added, and the DLC scenario “The Dragonblood Bandit” is now available for those who purchased the additional quest DLC season pass! Numerous fixes and adjustments have also been implemented as well!

For the full list of updates and changes in Ver. 2.0.0, check out the complete patch notes here!

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Physical Release Coming March 15 From Limited Run Games

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is getting a physical release for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita courtesy of Limited Run Games! Get your orders in starting March 15th when the standard edition and collector’s edition go on sale! Let’s take a look at what’s in store!

Standard Edition
Limited Collector’s Edition

For the standard edition, Switch and PS4 will be open pre-orders, where the Vita version will be a set quantity. For the collector’S editions, all of them will be a set quantity. Mark your calendars for March 15th, because you won’t wanna miss this!

Dragon Marked for Death Version 1.3.0 Patch Notes

  • Ver.1.2.0 (Updated March 7, 2019)・Chinese (Traditional) and Korean language support has been added.

    ●Ver.1.3.0 (Updated March 7, 2019)

    【Known Issues】

    ・Equipping the Striker Pack DLC weapon “Grimoire” on the Witch and performing some actions, such as jumping, will cause the game to crash.

    Also, loading the game as the Witch with the “Grimoire” equipped will also cause the game to crash.

    Please follow the steps below if you are experiencing this issue:

    ①After starting the game, do not move the character, and open the menu.
    ②Select “Shortcuts” from the menu and enter a building.
    ③Inside the building, equip the Witch with a magic tome other than “Grimoire”.

    We are working on a patch to fix this issue as soon as possible. We will announce the date for this patch as soon as it is decided.
    We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue.


・The amount of experience points awarded for completing a quest has been changed.
→ With this update, the amount of experience points earned for completing quests has decreased.

・The amount of experience points earned by defeating enemies during quests has changed.
→With this update, the amount of experience points earned has increased、therefore increasing the overall amount of experience earned when failing a quest.

・When using the Shortcuts menu in town to move to a location, you will now be placed directly inside the building instead of outside it.

・The menu can now be opened in town while the game is auto-saving.

・Accessories can now be equipped/unequipped during quests by selecting “Check Equipment” on the menu screen.

・Messages that explain what each facility does now display when a character enters the capital city of Medius for the first time.

・Equipment can now be changed at the Bar when selecting a quest in single player mode.

・”Hunt for named monsters” has been added to the lists of requests available for multiplayer games.

・Players can now still use chat features in online multiplayer lobbies even after confirming that they are ready to depart.

・Players can now choose any difficulty level for a quest in online open matches, even if they have not previously unlocked that difficulty level.

・Bonus stat points that were left unallocated during a quest result screen due to a connection failure can now be allocated by choosing the “reset bonus points” option at Atruum’s Den.

・The negative status effect “burn” now lasts longer.

・The negative status effect “poison” now lasts as long for enemies in multiplayer as it does for single player.

・The negative status effect “frostbite” now reduces an enemy’s AGI stat instead of restricting their movement.

・Enemies can now be knocked back in the air even after being launched into an airborne state.

・A sound effect now plays when receiving a Dragonite item during a conversation in town.

・Animated trailer version A and version B have been added to the game.
→ These are unlocked once certain conditions are met, and will play from the Title Screen after a period of inactivity.


・The amount of DP awarded to allies when your character recovers DP in multiplayer has been reduced.

・After taking damage in mid-air, players will now be able to move after a certain period of time.

・Each character’s movement speed has been adjusted, reducing the difference in speed between the characters.

・The balance of physical attack power between the Empress, Warrior, and Shinobi has been adjusted.

・Knockback has been added to the Empress’s airborne Dragon Sword

・The attack range for the third slash in the Empress’s sword combo has been increased.

・Physical damage has been increased on a portion of the Empress’s attacks

・DP recovery has been increased on a portion of the Empress’s attacks

・The Empress’s grounded Dragon Sword can now be cancelled into Dragon Shot

・The recovery on the Empress’s airborne Dragon Sword can now be cancelled into Dragon Shot or a sword attack

・The Empress’s mid-air Dragon Sword attack speed has been increased.

・The Empress’s Dragon Cannon now takes less time to activate, fire, and stop firing.

・The Empress’s Dragon Cannon now has the same firing range as the Dragon Shot.

・DP recovery has been increased on a portion of the Warrior’s attacks

・The Warrior’s Dragon Guard now requires less DP to activate.

・The Warrior’s Dragon Guard now requires more DP to maintain.

・The Warrior’s Dragon Tackle and Dragon Smash now require less DP to use.

・The Shinobi’s Dragon Skill attack power has been decreased.

・The Shinobi’s mid-air attack power and DP recovery amounts have been decreased

・The Shinobi’s Dragon Kick attack can now poison enemies.

・Enemies and bosses over Level 50 will get increased magic resistance if magic attacks with the same elemental properties are used in succession.


・The equipment effect of “+XX% dmg. to Lv.YY enemies” has been changed
→ In accordance with this change, it will now read “+XX% physical damage to Lv. YY+ enemies.”
Old version: Equipped characters would have all damage increased by XX% to enemies above your character level by at least YY.
New version: Equipped characters will have physical damage increased by XX% to enemies above your character level by at least YY.

・New equipment effect, “+XX% M.dmg. to Lv.YY+ enemies” has been added.

・Equipment effects “+XX% dmg. to primal enemies”, “+XX% dmg. to Deva enemies”, and “+XX% dmg. to Asura enemies” have been changed.
→ In accordance with this change, it will now read “+XX% P.dmg. to ‘primal’ enemies”

Old version: Equipped characters would have all damage increased by XX% to ‘primal’ enemies.
New version: Equipped characters will have physical damage increased by XX% to ‘primal’ enemies.

・New equipment effects “+XX% M.dmg. to primal enemies”, “+XX% M.dmg. to Deva enemies”, and “+XX% M.dmg. to Asura enemies” have been added.

・Equipment effect “Atk. +XX% during Drg Sphere” has been changed
→ In accordance with this change, it will now read “P.Atk. +XX% during Drg Sphere ”

Old version: All damage increased by XX% during Dragon Combo
New version: Physical damage increased by XX% during Dragon Combo

・Activation conditions of equipment effect “Resist instant death” have been changed
→ When the player is at low health and the character sprite appears tired, the effect will no longer activate.

Old version: As long as the player had 2 or more HP, an attack that would reduce their HP to 0 would instead bring them to 1 HP.
New version: If the player is above 25% HP, an attack that would reduce their HP to 0 will instead bring them to 1 HP.

・Low to mid level physical weapons have had their attack power adjusted.

→ Affected weapons are listed below.

[Empress Weapons]

Shortsword                              6 → 9

Shortsword +1                         10 → 11

Shortsword +2                         15 → 16

Shortsword +3                         20 → 21

Hunter’s Sword                       8 → 10

Hunter’s Sword +1                  13 → 14

Hunter’s Sword +3                  21 → 24

Wakizashi                                11 → 12

Wakizashi +2                           19 → 20

Wakizashi +3                           22 → 27


[Warrior Weapons]

Light Axe                                 15 → 45

Light Axe +1                                          43 → 55

Felling Axe                               25 → 50

Felling Axe +1                          53 → 65

Battle Axe                                40 → 55

Battle Axe +1                           61 → 68

Bardiche                                   54 → 60

Bardiche +1                             75 → 85

Broad Axe                                68 → 70


 [Shinobi Weapons]

Short Kunai                             4 → 6

Short Kunai +1                        4 → 7

Short Kunai +2                        5 → 7

Short Kunai +3                        7 → 8

Carving Knife                          5 → 7

Carving Knife +1                     6 → 7

Carving Knife +2                     6 → 8

Khukuri                                   6 → 8

Khukuri +1                              7 → 9

Jitte                                          7 → 9

Long Kunai                              8 → 9

Long Kunai +1                        9 → 10

・Effects on the weapon “Rune Anelace” have been changed

Old version: Magic weapon, +50% dmg. to primal enemies

New version: Magic weapon, +50% M.dmg. to primal enemies

・Effects on the weapon “Khukuri+3” have been changed

Old version: +50% dmg. to primal enemies, +100% dmg to Lv.10+ enemies, +100% dmg. during Drg Sphere

New version: +50% P.dmg. to primal enemies, +50% P.dmg. to Lv. 10+ enemies, +100% P.dmg. during Drg Sphere

・Effects on the weapon “Ninja Swords+3” have been changed

Old version: Magic weapon, +50% dmg. to Deva enemies

New version: Magic weapon, +50% M.dmg. to Deva enemies, Night vision

・The equipment effect “+50% dmg. to Asura enemies” has been changed to “+50% M.dmg. to Asura enemies” on magic tomes

・Equipment effects on the accessory “Amulet of Darkness” have been changed

Old version: Resist instant death, Aggro -25%, +50% dmg to Lv. 10+ enemies
New version: Aggro -25%, +25% P.dmg. to Lv. 15+ enemies, +25% M.dmg. to Lv. 15+ enemies
・Equipment effects on the accessory “Amulet of Darkness+1” have been changed

Old version: Resist instant death, Aggro -25%, +50% dmg to Lv. 10+ enemies
New version: Aggro -45%, +50% P.dmg. to Lv. 25+ enemies, +50% M.dmg. to Lv. 25+ enemies

【Changes to Enemies】

・Named Monsters (NM) have been added
→ It is recommended to have a full, high level party for this content.
→ To complete these fights at the current level cap, rare equipment will be necessary.

・The positions where enemies appear during “Kill them all!” fights have been changed.

・As there was an area that the boss Vasith’s attacks would not reach, Vasith’s attack area has been adjusted.


・The single player tutorial quest “The Doomed Clan” can now be selected.

・The quest “Marked For Death” can now be played at difficulty level 65.

・To accommodate the addition of Named Monsters, parts of certain maps have been changed.

・The lowest difficulty level for the ” Dreaming of Treasure ” quest has been reduced from 5 to 3.

・The placement of treasure chests when playing “The Doomed Clan” tutorial quest as the Warrior has changed.

・Except for certain quests, boss’s levels have been changed to be 5 to 6 levels above the quest level.

【Fixed Issues】

・Fixed an issue where the game would close with an error when starting on a Switch with the language set to Chinese (Traditional) or Korean.

・Fixed an issue where the portrait for Ordo would not display correctly.

・Fixed an issue where the text log displayed incorrect text when curing confusion.

・Fixed an issue where a portion of the ending graphic displayed incorrectly.

・Fixed an error in calculating money earned when at the maximum limit.

・Fixed an issue where items were not properly sold when receiving a number over the limit on the result screen.

・Fixed an issue where treasure chest mimics would disappear when separated from the player.

・Fixed an issue where treasure chests could appear again after opening.

・Fixed an issue where treasure chests could be opened through walls.

・Fixed an issue where the effects of used and picked up items were not properly applied.

・Fixed an issue with the color palette of the Felling Axe.

・Fixed an issue where the weapon effect “Deals magic damage” affected non-physical damage.

・Fixed an issue where AGI was not properly affecting the Empress’s accuracy.

・Fixed an error with the graphics displayed after the Warrior landed a charge attack.

・Fixed an issue where the witch’s bullets from a failed cast were the wrong element.

・Fixed an issue where HP healed by magic and the Dragon Guard was not calculated correctly.

・Fixed enemy behavior after attacks slamming them to the ground.

・Fixed an issue where the Dragon Combo sequence would not properly end.

・Fixed an issue where the camera distance would change following a Dragon Combo.

・Fixed an issue where the screen would not display properly after skipping the cut scene at the beginning of a quest.

・Fixed an issue where the camera distance would change following a quest cut scene.

・Fixed an issue where NPC health was not properly restored on NPC defense quests.

・Fixed an issue where Eterno’s status was not properly applied on the quest “Undying Dragon”.

・Fixed an issue where NPC footsteps could not be heard on the quest “Frozen Fusion”.

・Fixed an issue where the ending cutscene of “They Come from Hell” could not be skipped.

・Fixed an issue with the collision on Asura’s Gate in the quests “Calamity’s Portent” and “They Come from Hell”.

・Fixed an issue with terrain collision on the quest “Soul Vessel”.

・Fixed an issue where the Shinobi could enter an unintended area in quests at the Ogre’s Fort.

・Fixed an issue that would appear when fighting the Mandrake boss that would cause Skullbee enemies to not regenerate if they were defeated outside of a certain range.

・Fixed an issue that would appear when fighting the Jinryu boss that would cause the lightning dragon to behave irregularly if a Dragon Sphere was acquired during the lightning dragon attack.

・Fixed an issue that would appear when fighting the Asura Dragon boss that would cause the visual effects of the tornado attack to not display properly.

・Fixed an issue that caused the first form of the final boss to move outside of the screen in the most recent version.

・Fixed an issue that caused the first form of the final boss to be set to the wrong enemy type in the most recent version.

・Fixed an issue that caused the “Tough Chick” enemy to not be able to move forward on diagonal terrain.

・Connection stability for local and online multiplayer modes has been improved.

・Fixed an issue that caused searches for “Level 1 ± 10” types of online multiplayer matches to not work properly.

・Fixed an issue that sometimes caused no error message to display when a search failed to produce results for online multiplayer searches.

・Fixed an issue that allowed players to select quests in multiplayer modes that they normally did not have access to yet.

・Fixed an issue that caused the Results screen in multiplayer games to go away due to a connection error before players were able to apply their bonus stat points.

・Fixed an issue that caused some enemies to not die when they normally should in multiplayer games.

・Fixed an issue that was making enemies appear in multiplayer games that were unable to be attacked.

・Fixed an issue that caused other players’ sound effects to come through during cut scenes in multiplayer games.

・Fixed an issue that caused connection problems when talking to the NPC “Eterno” during the “Undying Dragon” quest in multiplayer games.

・Fixed an issue that caused the background music to stop playing during cutscenes in the “Tomb Rescue” quest in multiplayer games.

・Fixed an issue that caused connection sync problems when the “Cthulhu” boss is defeated.

・Fixed an issue that caused connection sync problems when the “Twin Dragons” boss is defeated.

・Fixed an issue that caused connection sync problems with the “Vasith” boss.

・Fixed an issue that caused connection sync problems with the “Flygolin” enemy.

・Fixed an issue that caused connection sync problems with the “Thundertoad” enemy.

・Various other display and behavior related issues have also been fixed.