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Introducing Gibril and Asroc, the Last 2 Members of “The Seven” + Some GV Updates

Good day to all you Azure Strikers out there! We thought it was the proper time to introduce the final two members of The Seven, but before we do that we wanna bring all you Gunvolters up to speed on what’s going on with Gunvolt right now. With the release of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 / Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack coming up toward the end of next month on the Nintendo 3DS, we wanted to announce that pre-orders for the Striker Pack are available at Gamestop, AmazonBest Buy and others in North America! Keep in mind that the release date of the Striker Pack may extend slightly into October by a few days. As for our friends in Europe who are waiting for information about the Striker Pack there, we do not have any announcements of any kind yet, but rest assured that we haven’t forgotten about you.

Also, in regards to the Japanese Voice Mode for Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 on the 3DS, we are sorry that it is taking as long as it has to give you any concrete information. At this point, we can tell you that the Japanese Voice Mode will definitely be included in the Striker Pack for sure. Just like the Steam version, it will have all of the voices back in place and the new translation to go along with said voices. As for any sort of patch/update to the digital version of GV1, as soon as we have something for you, we will not hesitate to announce it.

Oh, and one more thing. The Azure Striker Gunvolt anime is coming along nicely, and it looks AWESOME! :D

Now, without further adieu, it’s time to meet Gibril and Asroc!

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Introducing Three New Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Characters From Eden’s “The Seven”

Greeting Strikers! Coming off the big announcements we had recently about the Azure Striker Gunvolt anime, Shovel Knight  appearing in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, and the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack getting a Western release courtesy of Yacht Club Games, there’s a lot of awesome Gunvolt goodness going around right now! Well, let’s add even more awesomeness to the pile, with three brand new character introductions for three of Eden’s “The Seven.” Meet Tenjian, Desna, and Milas!

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Inti Creates Will Be at Anime Expo 2016 With a Booth and Panels!


That’s right, we’re going to Anime Expo for the first time ever, and we will have the biggest presence we have ever had at a show outside of Japan…ever! We will have a double-sized booth on the show floor, and by our powers combined with our Gal*Gun publishing partners at pQube, we will have even more awesome stuff at the show! Here’s a full breakdown of all the Inti Creates stuff you’ll find at Anime Expo 2016!

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Official Azure Striker Gunvolt Merchandise Now Available From Fangamer


We are extremely happy to announce that official Azure Striker Gunvolt merchandise is now available through our our friends at Fangamer! Fangamer is known throughout the gaming community for their high quality merch and impeccable customer service, and we are delighted to work with them to bring all BRAND NEW Gunvolt merchandise to you.

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Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Coming Summer 2016 to Nintendo 3DS

gunvolt 2 logo

In honor of our 20th anniversary, we are extraordinarily happy to announce that Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 is striking its way onto the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Summer 2016! Since we initially announced that we are making a sequel to Gunvolt back at our Inti Creates Fan Fest last year, we have been looking forward to this day!

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Gunvolt Steam Ver. Final Monthly Update: Easy Mode & Hard Mode


It’s hard to believe that it has been six months since the game’s release on Steam, but alas, here we are with the Azure Striker Gunvolt Steam version final monthly update. We’ve cooked up two brand new play modes for the game that are sure to give everyone who plays the game a fresh new experience, whether you are a seasoned Gunvolt pro or someone who has yet to be able to traverse Sumeragi’s treacherous stages. Let’s have a closer look at the new Easy Mode and Hard Mode!

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