1st of 6 Monthly Updates for Gunvolt Steam Ver. Now Available


When we released Azure Striker Gunvolt on Steam a month ago (hard to believe it’s been a month already!), we promised that we would be doing monthly content updates to the game in addition the patches we have already released for the game.

Well, the time has come, and as of RIGHT NOW, the first of these 6 monthly updates is now available on Steam! Here is a breakdown if what we’ve added in the new update:

・A brand new setting for Speedrun Mode is ready to be challenged! This new setting, known as “Kudos Keeper”, brings a whole new method to speedrun the game to the table!

・Scores for each individual mission (played during the normal, non-Speedrun Mode playthroughs of the game) will now be featured on online Leaderboards!

・Speedrun Mode will have its own Leaderboards too, which will feature clear times for both the Standard Speedrun Mode, and the new Kudos Keeper Speedrun Mode.

・Keyboard controls are now fully customizable! Simply assign the key you would like to assign to the corresponding button, and you’re ready to go!

・Various minor bugs have been fixed.

Ok, let’s break some of that information down! First, let’s have a look at the Kudos Keeper version of Speedrun Mode, followed by the Leaderboards.








As you may have guessed, Kudos Keeper places a strong emphasis on maintaining high levels of Kudos, which is Gunvolt’s in-game combo system. In this mode, the more Kudos you collect, the higher your attack power for both your tags and your Flashfield becomes! Once you have 100 Kudos, your attack power will increase by 10%. When you have 1000 Kudos, your attack power increases by 200%, and if you can manage to maintain a whopping 9000+ Kudos, your attack power will top out at a 1000% increase! That’s 10x the amount electrical butt kicking power!!

The other catch to this mode is, unlike every other version of the game, you do not cash in all of your Kudos at the end of a stage! Any Kudos that you can maintain at the end of a stage will be carried over to the next stage, where you will be able to continue to accumulate them and hopefully reach 9999!

Outside of this new system, the settings for Kudos Keeper will be the same as the Standard Speedrun Mode (no Prevasion, no Anthem, etc.).






With the new Leaderboards, top scores for every stage played in the Normal mode of the game are kept. These are separated by stage, so you can easily view the data you are looking for! You will also be see the clear times for each score as well (although rankings will be judged based only on the score). Finding your own score and your friends’ scores is breeze, so aim for the top score and all the awesome bragging rights that come with it! 😉



Similar to the Leaderboards for the Normal mode stages, boards for both the Standard version and the Kudos Keeper version of Speedrun Mode are available as well.  The key difference here is that for these, only your fastest final clear time is calculated. Strikers, are you a fast enough dude to get your name into the Top 10??

That should do it! We hope you enjoy the new update!